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Earls Colne Parish Council

Earls Colne Parish Council has 11 councillors (details below) whose responsibility it is to represent the views of people living in the Parish. We raise issues of public concern with other authorities such as Braintree District Council, Essex County Council and the Police and comment on planning applications and other proposals for the village.

The Council provides and/or maintains public areas and facilities, including the Village Green, the Village Hall, the Shrubbery, Pound Green and the play area at the Recreation Club.

On behalf of other authorities we carry out the following work: street sweeping and litter collection; looking after the public conveniences; maintaining the New Churchyard; maintaining roadside verges and cutting footpaths.

View from St Andrew's Church Tower
The Parish Office at the Village Hall

Parish Council Address
Parish Council Office
Council Chamber
Village Hall
York Road
Earls Colne
Colchester CO6 2RN

Office Opening Hours
Monday 0930 - 1230
Tuesday 0930 - 1230
Wednesday 0930 - 1230
Thursday 0930 - 1230
Friday Closed

Contact Us
Parish Clerk: Ms Deborah Hayns 01787 224 370

Members of Earls Colne Parish Council

Parish Council meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month in the Council Chamber in the Village Hall and a Notice of the meeting is posted on village noticeboards.

Meetings commence at 7 p.m. and are open to members of the public who may make statements or ask questions during a fifteen minute public session at the beginning of the meeting.


Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Return

Accounts for Year Ended 31st March 2021

Please read the notices here.


Earls Colne Parish Council : Village Hall : York Road : Earls Colne : Colchester : Essex : CO6 2RN
: Tel. 01787 224 370